99 Bruce Crescent, Carleton Place, ON

Bob Harkness

Mr Bob Harkness took the time to call me and extol the good service and good nature of the technician we sent to repair his appliance. He said that we were lucky to have him on our staff, which I heartily agree with. Congratulations Adam. Another very happy customer you satisfied. Ian Ian F Morrison … Read more

Sandy Sandrock

Dear Keyesbury I recently purchased a fridge from Appliance Advantage and had an overall great experience. The fridge that I bought was big and required lots of work to get it placed and installed. Throughout the process all of the parties involved (delivery team, and installation team) all were very polite courteous and professional. I … Read more

EMS Holdings

Company: EMS Holdings Name: Azonia Mtanos Just ordered two stoves and a fridge. Thank you to Roxane for the wonderful service! Side note from Keyesbury: Roxanne is one of our Sales/Orders Receiver

John Bergeron

Good afternoon, On October 9th, we had a serviceman come over to check on our dead Whirlpool washing machine. During his analysis, he determined that cause was either one or possibly both computer systems in the washer. A few days later, we were provided with a quote from your office on the parts. While comparing … Read more

Michelle Freemark

Just wanted to say that you employ the friendliest, most polite bunch of people I have ever dealt with. We’ve had some problems with our dryer, and I don’t even mind because everyone has been so nice. I’m not in the habit of sending out emails like this, but your staff has truly been remarkably … Read more