99 Bruce Crescent, Carleton Place, ON

John Bergeron

Good afternoon,
On October 9th, we had a serviceman come over to check on our dead Whirlpool washing machine. During his analysis, he determined that cause was either one or possibly both computer systems in the washer. A few days later, we were provided with a quote from your office on the parts. While comparing the repair costs vs purchasing a new machine, my wife and I determined that long term, it was more advantageous for us to get a new, warrantied appliance. Therefore, we have since purchased a new washing machine and will not require the quoted parts. We are merely advising you of our decision at this time. In closing, we wish to point out that the service rendered to us by your serviceman was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and confident about his professional assessment. He should be commended by management.
John Bergeron